Well, hello. Timing is everything, they say. With the radiant jazz couple Tuck & Patti that really is the case in so many ways.

They met during an audition. Through a closed door he heard her sing. Bewitched by Patti’s voice, he immediately knew: “This is the one.” Yaaaaay. How our romantic hearts sing.

And I just can imagine that she was going to be enchanted by his guitar playing. This was 1978. They married three years later and they are still going strong.

Now I’m leaving out elements of physics, pheromones and personality – but when you have been living and playing together for so long, it really appears like a match made in heaven.

“Will you do the dishes tonight, Tuck? “Nooooo. Not again. Did ‘m last night” – absolutely nothing of that, I’m sure.

Just play one of their early records Tears Of Joy. And get blown away by the artistry, the sorcery, the absolute majestic style of Tuck, the phenomenal voice and timing of Patti. They are simply the best duo on the planet! (Okay, I took that quote from Bobby McFerrin, but it’s the truth and nothing but the truth.)

And how I admire the way they lovingly connect to their audience and fans. Just take a look at the stunning record catalog on their site, and get a few albums to feed your fire. Support the love for music!! No streaming. No streaming. Nooooo streaming!

Now, as a jazz singer, finding someone who shares your love for a certain style, finding someone who is a great listener and plays serving the music, finding someone who knows his/her material… is a journey.

How do you find the guy? Of course, it can also be a girl ?

One of the best bits of advice I was ever given, was to only play with the best. So you can grow as a musician. You can expand your boundaries.

“You can read all the textbooks and listen to all the records, but you have to play with musicians that are better than you” is what saxophonist Stan Getz stated. I so agree.

Where do you find the best musicians? Go to jam sessions where the professionals go. Sit and listen. Enjoy. Do you hear someone you really like? Tell ‘m! Get their cards. Try and play together. Arrange a (well paying) gig and ask him/her.

And from that moment on… just see how it goes. Playing together involves so much more than just being a very good musician. It’s also a match of personalities. It’s just like real life. And more often than not, it takes a little time to find the ones.

Enjoy the ride!

With love, Ilse

My album tip for you:

Tuck & Patti: Tears Of Joy, Windham Hill Jazz, 1988

Their website: