He’s a bit of a mystery. That tall American that stole many hearts. A gifted songwriter and actor. With his album Liquid Spirit he won a Grammy Award in 2014. And he did it again with Take Me to the Alley in 2017.

Gregory Porter. What’s his secret?

Is it his deep sound? He probably got it from drinking The Macallan Lalique 62 Year Old Single Malt Scotch – just a wild guess here.

Or is it the cap he insists on wearing? (Does he appeal to our inner Sherlock?)

No. It must be his refined and stylish appearance.

What can you learn from this booming baritone?

I’d say: how to follow your talent. You hardly have just one single talent. Gregory Porter was a football lineman to San Diego State University, his promising career however got cut short by a shoulder injury.

In Brooklyn, NY, he worked as a chef at restaurant Bread-Stuy and also performed in that venue. He moved on to Harlem club St Nick’s Pub, where he maintained a weekly residency. Out of this residency evolved his touring band.

There ya have it. You gotta move it, move it. Keep on nourishing your talent, keep on improving your skills, keep on believing in yourself. Take lessons, see shows, and hassle for gigs. Follow your talent.

Sing, baby, sing! Apparently, that is what his mother told him just before she passed away. If someone should know, it’s Gregory Porter.

My album tip for you:

Liquid Spirit, Blue Note, 2013

Gregory Porter on Wikipedia: