A cold… What can you DO?

Yes. It’s that time again. Chilly breezes. Falling leaves. Rain, rain, rain. And… “Achoo.”

According to Amsterdam Medical Center’s scientist Fokkens, the so called Rhinovirus is bugging us. This virus always mutates a little – and so our immune system is always one step behind.

They say that we can never really, truly prevent a cold. It’s such an acute infection that the damage has been done once you recognize the symptoms.

The virus expands its reach through hands, door handles, coughing and sneezing. Nothing you didn’t know already, huh?

The thing is, you are a singer. What can you doooooo?

Keeping your distance from people who have a cold is wise, and if you have been in contact: WASH YOUR HANDS.

When you sneeze: SNEEZE IN YOUR ELBOW! Don’t let the virus multiply!

When you eat badly, sleep too little or dress too sparsely you become more vulnerable.
So TAKE GOOD CARE of your personal hygiene.

Did it hit you? Too bad… It will take a week to recover, and the best thing you can do is: REST.

Try to reduce the symptoms with a NASAL RINSE with salt water, so you free your breathing system (a little).
You can also GURGLE with a salt solution (max 4 times a day); add 1 teaspoon of salt in a glass of water (250 ml) – each time you use about 20 – 30 ml of the solution.

These are the scientists ways.

May I add my own personal tip?
Hot coldrex – a combination of very hot, boiled water, paracetamol and vitamin C – lemon taste. Works miracles for me. Still will be under the weather for a week, but it feels I suffer less.
(One thing! Don’t overdose. Read the leaflets.)

Okay. Let winter come. We’re ready for ya!

With love,