Do you know your verses?

You love singing jazz? You know what can be a real ball? Singing the verses to those endless enchanting melodies. Verses are great introductions. They can shed a whole different light on your interpretation of a song. But first… you have to know them. Let’s see if you can find all the right songs to the first lines of these verses – have I made it easy for you? – take my jazzzzz quizzzz number 7.

1. “Days can be sunny with never a sigh” comes from the song:

A. Daydream

B. Sunny

C. I got rhythm

D. Mas que nada

2. “In Verona my late cousin Romeo was three times as stupid as my Dromio”

(This one’s easy of course)

A. I love Rome

B. This can’t be love

C. Something stupid

D. Romeo & Juliet

3. “I know too well that I’m just wasting precious time in thinking such a thing could be, that you could ever care for me”

A. It was just one of those things

B. Easy to love

C. I’ve got you under my skin

D. My heart belongs to daddy

4. “He’s a fool and don’t I know it, but a fool can have his charms’

A. The gentleman is a dope

B. Bewitched

C. I’m a fool to want you

D. These foolish things

5. “I don’t care if there’s powder on my nose”

A. I put a spell on you

B. Let me entertain you

C. It never entered my mind

D. Rudolf, the red-nosed reindeer

6. “Old man sunshine, listen you! Never tell me: dreams come true”

A. The old man and the sea

B. You are the sunshine of my life

C. But not for me

D. The old country

7. “Once there was a thing called spring, when the world was writing verses like yours and mine”

A. They say it’s spring

B. It might as well be spring

C. Spring can really hang you up the most

D. Spring is here

8. “I was a stranger in the city, out of town were the people I knew”

A. Strangers in the night

B. Town called Malice

C. People

D. A foggy day

9. “There’s a saying old, says that love is blind – still we’re often told; seek and ye shall find”

A. Someone to watch over me

B. The man I love

C. Somebody loves me

D. ‘s Wonderful

10. “Listen to my tale of woe, it’s terribly sad but true. All dressed up, no place to go, each evening I’m awfly blue”

A. I want to dance with somebody

B. Shall we dance?

C. My man’s gone now

D. Oh, lady be good!


1. C – I got rhythm – one of the most famous jazz songs, written by the Gershwin brothers

2. B – This can’t be love – by Rodgers & Hart. Lorenz Hart was a very witty lyricist. Check him out!

3. C – Easy to love – by the admirable Cole Porter

4. B – Bewitched – by Rodgers & Hart, you just gotta love the lyrics

5. C – It never entered my mind – by Rodgers & Hart, was this one hard for you?

6. C – But not for me – by the Gershwin brothers. Almost sure you knew this one.

7. D – Spring is here – very gloomy spring song by Rodgers & Hart

8. D – A foggy day – by Gershwin & co

9. A – Someone to watch over me – idem dito

10. D – Oh, lady be good! By the Gerswhins. You can feeeeel the frustration, you can feeeel the silk dress, you can feel the ‘no place to go.’ Or is it just me?

How many did you get right this time?

1 – 4 Aha, well, what can I say, grab your songbooks and go study!

5 – 7 Well, well, yeah, uhm… grab your books and study too!

8 – 9 Well, well wellllll, well done!

10 You are amazingly good at this! Congratulations! I can send you a certificate if you want?