Just got back from Rome. Rome, ti voglio bene! Mi mancaaaa! To change the mood I’m in – here’s another chance to do something useful; check your knowledge of jazz singers and jazzzz in this quiz. Have fun!

1. Which singer is the inspiration for the talented miss Piggy?

A. Marilyn Monroe

B. Marlene Dietrich

C. Peggy Lee

D. Doris Day

2. Who said: “Sitting in is like baptism by fire”

A. Joe Williams

B. Mark Murphy

C. Ella Fitzgerald

D. Johnny Hartman

3. Sing on: “I’m just like an apple on a bough…”

A. I’m not fond of singing about food, I like to eat food

B. And you’re gonna shake me down somehow

C. And you’re gonna make me lose my dough

D. And you’re gonna make me raise my brow

4. When you arrive at a gig you must be at least:

A. Ready to rock

B. An hour early to check sound, lights and your hair

C. Be welcomed by 101 Dalmatians

D. Be welcomed by a hairy Greek restaurant owner

5. Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis jr. and Dean Martin were known as:

A. The six pack

B. The hatchback

C. The rat pack

D. The good, the bad & the ugly

6. When singers use ‘twang’ it means:

A. To sing with more subtlety

B. To sing with an American accent

C. To sing with a sharp, metallic or ringing sound

D. To sing with your molars firmly hooked

7. What to do when your band outsizes your audience?

A. Grab a taxi and go see a show

B. Save your tears for later

C. Make the most of your show – even if it’s only for your mum

D. Consider a career change

8. What to do during a solo of your pianist?

A. Humbly wait in the wings

B. Do your Kate Bush act

C. Snap your fingers on 1 and 3

D. Listen and enjoy the moment (and hey, you have a small break, good for your voice too)

9. What to do during a solo of your bass player?

A. Go to the bar and order a drink

B. Join the conversation with your audience

C. Snap your fingers on 1 and 3

D. Listen and enjoy

10. What to do during a solo of your drummer?

A. Completely lose your sense of time

B. Reconsider a career change

C. Keep counting, keep counting

D. Keep singing, keep singing


1. C. Peggy Lee. Such an honor.

2. B. Mark Murphy. And if you sit in often, you know he’s right!

3. B. From the song You Took Advantage Of Me.

4. A, B, C and D. Of course!

5. C – But why… That’s another question!

6. C. Although B comes close

7. C. Give ‘m all you’ve got!

8. D. Your pianist enjoys your attention too

9. D. Or was it B? Noooo!

10. D. But inaudible, you knew that.

How many did you get right this time?

1 – 6 So good of you to join!

7 – 9 Almost professional

10 Applause! Oh, can you tell me why they were called the Rat Pack?