I loved your responses to my first ever jazzzzz quizzzz for singers and I got asked to do an ‘encore’ (all singers love to be asked for encores).

So here’s another extremely challenging and rewarding pursuit of your precious time, for singers and jazz warriors only!

1. What is your best outfit on stage?

A. The tiniest one I can squeeze myself into

B. I don’t like to be gazed at; I wear everything in XXXXXL

C. My favorite pullover, though it shrank in the washing

D. One in which I feel completely comfortable and that suits the occasion

2. What is a singer’s’ worst nightmare?

A. To perform in an empty hall

B. To find the audience left after the break

C. To have to wait for 20 choruses instrumental solos before I can pick up again

D. To arrive too late at the wrong venue

3. What do you always find in a singer’s handbag?

A. A pink selfie stick

B. It’s too messy to find anything

C. Her keys

D. An applause machine

4. What drink is advisable for all singers?

A. Single Malt Irish Whiskey

B. Double espresso

C. Limoncello Scroppino

D. Hot water

5. Which song do all jazz singers know?

A. You’re An Old Smoothie

B. Summertime

C. How Much Is That Doggy In The Window?

D. Rocket Number Nine Take Off For The Planet Venus

6. Which city hosts one of oldest jazz clubs in the world?

A. Amsterdam with The Bimhuis

B. Prague with Reduta Jazz Club

C. New York with The Village Vanguard

D. London with Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club

7. Who said: “I never practice my guitar, from time to time I just open the case and throw in a piece of raw meat”

A. Django Reinhardt

B. Dizzy Gillespie

C. Wes Montgomery

D. John Coltrane

8. What is a jazz singer’s favorite means of transport?

A. As cheap as possible: 1 piano plus pianist, 1 double bass plus its player, 1 PA plus singer squeezed into a yellow Renault Twingo

B. In a stretched limo

C. On the bike, so I can train my condition and breathing skills

D. On the back of a magical bird

9. Why do jazz singers love to sing the verse to their song?

A. Because that means I get to sing more lines

B. The verse is a great way to introduce the topic of my song

C. Verse? Verse? What verse?

D. I never sing no verse, I don’t like to get sentimental

10. What are the names of a singer’s favorite band members?

A. On drums: from China – No Ti Ming

B. On piano: Phil Allgaps

C. On guitar: Kenny Read

D. On bass – from France: Toulouse Thebeat


1. D, because of course we all dress for the body we have, not for the body we want
2. A, B, C & D. Now wake me up!
3. Keys are a necessary gadget… for any singer to know and to have
4. D, hot water is wholesome, healthy and comforting. Though Limoncello Scroppino gracefully takes in second place
5. B. Summertime… I knew you knew this one
6. D. New York’s Village Vanguard is rocking it for over 75 years
7. C. Wes Montgomery. I would have liked to see that.
8. Pick one
9. B. Have you ever tried out the verse of let’s say Isn’t It Romantic?
10. All of the above, and I’d like to add: on trumpet: Willy Makeit. (With thanks to Peter Guidi)

How many did you get right this time?

1 – 3 You are getting there. It takes a little time to get it right

4 – 6 Congratulations. More than 3, at least.

7 – 9 Very good. No Google?

10 You are a pro. Now enough about you, what do you think of me?