I rented a car. Bright yellow. Quite small. But fancy. This will do to get us to our gig. But first – I park near our house, so we can easily load in our stuff.

Oh, no space. Okay, a bit further will do, I still have to do my hair and makeup.


It’s almost time to leave, and of course I’m rushed. I’ll put the car as close to the house as possible, so Erik will load in.


As I get into the car, turn the key, I’m searching for the reverse.

…. ?


I look again.

…. ???


Where is it?

Noooo, I can’t find it!

Kidding me, right?







What the $%^&!!!


Did they give me a car without reverse?

Bloody hell!


I’m SURE they gave me a car without reverse.


I hastily get out en run up the two stairs. “Erik, Erik, there’s no reverse on this car!”




We push the car out of the parking space so I can return it – with a vengeance of course!


What are they THINKING. Renting out cars – with no reverse!


As we push the yellow beast out, much to the surprise of people around – I suddenly,  sheepishly, discover the sign for the reverse.

“Oh, uhm, Erik… I think I found something….”


We tear up laughing. Promise ourselves never to tell anyone… (Huh? What am I doing?)


Embarrassing moments. Don’t you just love them.


So, today I got my very first Kazoo. A metal one. Apparently it’s a great tool for practicing your resonance, to reduce stress around your larynx, to avoid a pressed tone, to avoid muscle tension, so you can sing freely.


With the Kazoo in your mouth, you close your lips and then breathe in through your mouth, through the Kazoo. You will feel the cold air flowing in, feel the space in your throat and try to remember that open feeling when you produce your tones.


Okay. Let me try.

I’m closing my lips around the Kazoo, breathe in and breathe out, hoping to make some sound. Nope.


Close to fainting, yes.


Luckily, I bought two. So I try the second one.

No. Nothing. No sound.

Am I a total failure? Did I buy two damaged Kazoo’s?

Another yellow car experience?


Erik comes in.

Easily gives me the example. Oh, ahahahaaaa, I’ve been working too hard. Blowing too hard to make a sound. I should just lightly SING through the Kazoo. And then you get an incredible sound, one you will love or that you will… dislike to the max.


Use it well, I’d say. Just for practice. For that open throat. And, always remember, singing solves EVERYTHING. Well, almost everything…


With love, Ilse

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