There are quite a lot of things in this world we singers can handle.

We can handle not having a yellow Mercedes Benz 300S 1954. (Or, can we?)

We can handle not having climbed the Mount Everest.

And yes, we can handle never having competed at the Olympics.

Although they say I did come pretty close, as a winner of the Nijmegen Championships Tennis. Wait, you never heard of Nijmegen?

The only thing we cannot handle with elegance and ease – is suffering from a cold when it comes with a sore throat.

As a singer, you want to S I N G. Constantly. It’s a necessity. And yet, when it hurts, it becomes unbearable and impossible.

Give us a nasal cold. Anytime.

We’ll muddle through and will gladly dive into the repertoire of the BeeGees.

Of course you can wait and wait…. and wait… till the infection is over.

But how about helping Mother Nature a bit?

Here’s an epic, ancient treatment that will give those bacillus the “umpfh” and send them back to where they came from. Ain’t that a kick in the head?

Go to your nearest health shop and get:

fresh, organic ginger
organic lemon
green tea
real honest honey
cayenne pepper

Pour yourself a big cup of green tea (wait till the boiled water has descended to a temperature of about 85 degrees Celsius – I was told by an expert)

Then add some sliced ginger, a generous slice of lemon, a large tablespoon of genuine honey and, here comes the boost, a pinch of cayenne pepper.

Now enjoy your drink.

Repeat a few times, if necessary.

Your throat will looooooove you!

See you on stage!

With love,