It’s autumn. Falling leaves. Gloomy Sundays. Stormy weather. Whenever you feel the need for comfort and soothing sounds, put on Chet Baker. Although you might run the risk of extending your dark mood. But sometimes, isn’t that exactly what you want?
But let’s not go there. Have a listen to Chet Baker Sings…. Do you hear what I hear?

There’s such beauty in his subtlety, in the way he phrases effortlessly. Such calmness in his tone. Such melancholy. Such bewitching, relaxing and gentle energy.

There’s nothing to prove. There’s just Chet Baker. And he sings. And he plays. Like no other.

When was the last time you felt you had nothing to prove, nobody to impress, nobody to compete with, nobody to please?

As singers, we sometimes tend to work too hard. To prove that we can swing, “hell, yes – hear me out! Look mum, no hands.”

Or how about belting out that high note, “now eat that,” as if your audience consists of only oldies with inappropriate hearing aids…

Here’s an idea. Next time you find yourself studying your songs, try to keep it as simple, as gentle, as tranquil as possible. Zen yourself. Ease into the song. Forget about over-articulation, just sing your song as easy, easy, easy as you can. Sing much softer than you’d normally do.

I can just imagine it’s going to be therapeutic.

Only two things I ask of you: always sing in tune and always be in time ?

With love,


My album tip for you:

Chet Baker Sings (1956, Pacific Jazz Records)

Chet Baker on Wikipedia: