What will you learn?

In 10 step-by-step lectures we will zoom in on:

  • Your complete understanding of every word in your song
  • The unraveling of the story
  • What perspectives you can use
  • Which emotions suit the song
  • With what intentions can you sing
  • How articulation can change everything
  • How phrasing can help you make your point
  • And more!

My top ten tools to help you OWN your story, DELIVER your lines and create that magical BOND with your audience.

Storytelling For Singers is a 1 hour, online full video course. I will show you how to deeply understand AND deliver your lyrics in a way that suits you personally.

‘What an incredible cool course! Clear, concise, and easy to follow. You guide singers by analyzing Gershwin’s ‘Summertime’ and show us ways to explore the story. At the same time, you encourage me to make my own creative choices. I’m now using your 10-step method for any song I want to sing.  Very powerful!’  Meike Sillevis Smitt, San Jose, CA (USA)

‘I learned how to hear my own story in the song.’ Adriane Callas, Amersfoort

‘WOW! The most complete interpretation for lyrics I’ve ever learned. Thank you so much, Ilse!’ Daiana S. Ferreira, Brazil

Unlimited access just $49 incl. VAT